How I Teach: Wendy Menard

As part of my participation in the Day in the Life Project, Dave Sabol has generously included me in his How I Teach series.

the rational radical

In the How I Teach series, teachers answer some questions on the tools and strategies they use to get stuff done in and out of the classroom. Each teacher will work off a set of questions (some of which are borrowed from the lifehacker series) and answer what they like.

Wendy Menard blogs at Her Mathness and tweets @wmukluk. In addition to teaching high school math in NYC, she is a contributor to the Day in the Life project from Tina Cardone.

Brooklyn, NY

Current Job:
Algebra 2/Geometry teacher at Midwood High School

One word that best describes how I teach:

Current mobile device:
iPhone 6 Plus

Current Computer:
MacBook Pro

Screen Shot 2016-09-05 at 6.16.48 PM.png

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