TOTAL Engagement – really!

This is going to be a brief one – recovering from last night’s post.  Writing it, I realized that I was asserting that others were asserting things, using my less-than-complete notes and less-than-perfect (I’m human, after all) memory.  I’m pleased that others who were at the Course Corrections event –  people I highly respect – shared support and approval, so I don’t think I committed anything libelous. Still, I don’t think I’ve written in that manner before on this blog, and it gave me a bit of pause, which I suppose it should.

ANYWAY: The students finished their pyramids today and turned in their paperwork – nets, calculations, rubrics.  For the last two days, I have had all hands on deck, everyone working, students helping each other, trying in spite of difficulties, REVISING AND REWORKING.  I can’t wait to create the actual SPIKY DOOR, but I’m going to wait until Monday, and will share the results here.

Tonight, I’m a happy teacher.  Here’s my litter:


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