30 things that make me smile

The Sledgehammer VideoSeems like a life affirming prompt – great for a Friday evening.  In no particular order, but as I think of them:

  1. 405843_3939522120132_1251803057_nThinking about my kids when they were little, doing ridiculously cute things.
  2. Thinking about my kids now, doing amazingly original things, marching to their own drummers all.
  3. Drinking coffee in the morning at Lake Dunmore, Vermont
  4. Watching the sunset across Lake Dunmore, Vermont
  5. Auditioning fabric for my next quilt

    030511 phyooz copy

    Chazz, Fred and my sister

  6. Finishing a quilt
  7. Giving a quilt to someone (this can actually make me cry and smile simultaneously)
  8. sunset at lakeStudents trying to solve my date math problems every day
  9. The sound ‘ooooh’ when a student makes a connection
  10. Students debating about how to solve a problem
  11. Sitting on the beach with my mom, talking about teaching
  12. IMG_5533Interesting bathroom decor in restaurants
  13. downloadMarching bands in parades
  14. Ann Miller in Easter Parade
  15. The Anaconda Educational Video
  16. Watching/singing “The Nightmare Before Christmas” with Marilyn and Geo
  17. Ruby (my perfect furry child)

    ruby carrots copy

    Ruby loves bags of carrots

  18. Lily (other perfect child who ate flowers for fun)lily loves em copy
  19. My nephews
  20. Fabulous tap dancing (not by me, that is…)
  21. Bonding on line with math tweeps
  22. …and then meeting them in person
  23. Being ‘bored’ in class because my students are working so independently and my only job is to eavesdrop and ask a question now and then
  24. Getting comments on blog posts from friends
  25. Getting comments on blog posts from people I’ve never met
  26. Looking at pictures of my students and seeing how engaged they are in their own workIMG_7927
  27. Watching the Mathletes argue with each other about the best way to solve something, and then teaching each other their different methods
  28. The look on my students’ faces when they see how happy their nets make me
  29. Singing at the top of my lungs in my car
  30. Taking a dance break around my dining room
  31. BONUS: The Robert Palmer Girl Band
  32. BONUS 2 (as long as we’re bonusing: The Sledgehammer Video


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