If I could talk to my teenage self, the one thing I would say is…

This prompt comes from this website which Tina linked to in her inaugural #MTBoS30 post.  I will address it in a moment, after a quick update.

IMG_7922After some reflection and a consult with my friend Emma Groetzinger, a doctoral student in Education at Stanford (don’t ASK how jealous I am, just don’t), my geometers spent a class matching nets with solids, watching animations like these at learner.org, and then using nets to make this lovely collection.  When I told them thatIMG_7927tomorrow they were going to design their own solids, their eyes literally got wider.  What a moment – to see the little kids in my very cool juniors!  I know it was the right move.  I know that there will be a lot of struggle with this project, but it will be productive, and I will be on the lookout for students for whom the struggle is overwhelming.  Gotta stay in that ZPD, right?

So to address my prompt:

I was a MESS in high school – insecure, moderately self-destructive, convinced that I was completely weird (not in a good way) and that only I was obsessed with bizarre, evil thoughts.  It took me a lot of years, some wonderful friends, a failed marriage, and the support of a partner who believed that I could be anything I wanted to shake off [most of] that feeling.  And here I am on the far side (of what I’m not saying!), and I see that perhaps those feelings were a waste of time, but they were part of my journey.  But I might tell my teenage self (and perhaps some other teenagers who were open to hearing it) to (a) get over it, (b) not worry so much about what anyone else thinks, and (c) STOP BEING AFRAID TO DO WHAT YOU WANT.

But being a teenager, I’m not sure I would have really heard it…

Mañana – #MTBoS30

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  1. Emma

    Now I have to actually put something on that profile page! Article coming soon, with the fabulous Wendy Menard and THIS BLOG in my citations!

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