This is going to be short

(1) Last night I had a wonderful time bonding with my older child, Marilyn (a Costume Studies graduate student at NYU), over the Met Gala Red Carpet slide show.  Trashing Critiquing the fashions at various Red Carpet events has become a favorite activity of ours; if we can’t be together physically, we do it via FaceTime.  Some of the highlights of our ‘work’ together last night:

  • Zoe Saldana’s dress was awesome, but we really hope those were faux feathers.
  • Rachel McAdams looked as unhappy about her dress as we were.
  • Louis Vuitton seems to have taken a sort of Hot Topic turn.
  • Katy Perry – WHAAAT?
  • Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen – just a little scary.
  • Emma Watson, Lupita Nyong’o, Claire Danes, and Kerry Washington – fabulous (to name a few)
  • Um, Madonna – see Katy Perry.
  • Lady Gaga – did you forget something?
  • Total score by Nicole Kidman in sparkly Moon and Stars dress
  • And these.


There were lots of other crazy looks, and lots of gorgeous looks, too.  But these elicited our most extreme reactions.  And one more thing – Marilyn wants the guys to wear socks, especially when their pants are too short.

Spiky Door is being pushed back a day due to my sudden realization (or paralyzing fear) that my students might need some assistance reconnecting nets with three dimensional shapes.  We will work on this tomorrow, with the help of some interactives at and some videos hosted at Sophia.  I’m also considering having them work in pairs.  More to come, thanks to #MTBoS30.

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