Asking the right questions

I was thrilled when I received this message from Le Sam Shah last week:

Screen Shot 2015-08-30 at 12.31.43 PM

At PCMI, I set a personal goal of improved formative assessment this year through ‘hinge point questioning’ (see this post), and had been wondering how I would maintain this new practice all year; many September initiatives, despite my best intentions and aspirations, fall by the way side as planning, grading, and college recommendations pile up, and as report cards, observations and parent conferences encroach on the regular day-to-day work.

But what Sam created a collaborative and open space, betterqs, in which teachers can share and reflect on their questioning practices, and by inviting me to participate, provided me with the checks and balances to stick to my goal.  And even better, the blog betterqs is open to anyone who wants to share.  As we all know, the more you participate in the #MTBoS, the greater rewards you reap.  So here are the details:


Hope to see you out there!

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