Haven’t even checked in yet!


So I got on the plane, took my happy pills, drank some wine, and just by putting one foot in front of the other, arrived in Salt Lake City.  Being late was actually a hidden bonus – the rooms are not ready at the resort, and the folks who came on the 7 am flight have been sitting in the hotel lobby since noon.

The Zermatt Resort in Midway, which is all things Tyrolean, is approximately an hour away from Salt Lake City.  I rode over here in a van filled with undergrad and graduate math students, who were interested in hearing how a high school teacher keeps her students airportengaged in an age of cell phone ubiquity.  I shared my strategies for using cell phones for instructional purposes (which, truth be told, only work some of the time), and had the pleasure of turning them on to Desmos and Kahoots.

tyrolOnce we arrived at the resort, I immediately began chatting with other teachers – a surprising number from New York – who were waiting for their rooms. (The front desk keeps giving away banana bread in lieu of room keys.) Conversation was easy and interesting – we all teach math, we’re all engaged in our teaching of math, and motivated to share and improve the quality of the experience we give our students.    The math students, on the other hand, are busy doing math already – reading papers, sketching out problems and proofs.  It’s a major nerdfest here in the lobby of the resort, and I’m loving it.


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