INB Resources

Just want to share the love!  I’ve created/revised/massaged/borrowed resources for my geometry students’ interactive notebooks and wanted to share some of them.  If you would like a Word file to tweak for your own use, just send me a message.

Flash Cards I created on Slopes of Lines for our Coordinate Geometry Unit.  The original idea came from Sarah Rubin and her wonderful blog, Everybody is a Genius.

More flashcards inspired by Sarah Rubin on Congruence Shortcuts:

This graphic organizer on slopes of lines accompanied our lesson on the fabulous Slope Dude.  My co-teacher, Mr. Peterson and I created it together.

Finally, a foldable I created for our Special Quadrilateral unit.

I hope some of these resources are as useful to others as all of the shared resources out there were to me.


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