What’s Going on in Geometry?

joseph  Today we began a group project which I adapted from an Enrichment Task included with the AMSCO Geometry textbooks.  The assignment is for students to design a city (basically create a map).  The students have a checklist of what their map needs to include, including parallel and perpendicular lines, transversals, right triangles, and all manner of angle pairs.  I used this project as an extension at my previous school, where my star student (now an honors architecture student at CCNY) blew me away for the first of many times with this:

shereeseSuffice it to say, it blew away my current Geometry students as well, but it also inspired them.  We are working in class for three days – I need to make sure they have drafts from which successful projects will emerge – and today was the first day.  Here are some of the results/progress shots:collab2 purple good one collaboration

hoodThe excitement in the room was truly palpable – for all three classes (well, maybe not so much for my sleepy second period class, but they were all engaged!).  At the end of each class, the students took pictures of their drafts for tomorrow.  One of my favorite moments of the day – one I need to remember – is when Rehman, a student who distinguishes himself by (a) not sitting still EVER, (b) talking continuously, and (c) insulting his classmates in Urdu, made me look at the photo he took on his phone before he left class – how wonderful to see him take pride in his work!  I actually can’t wait to see what they produce tomorrow.

The project, complete with rubric is here:




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