Mission #8 – Sharing

I am the local evangelist for the #MTBoS.  At least once a day, the phrase “this teacher I know on Twitter” or “this blog I read” or “the online community of which I am a part” comes out of my mouth.   For example, the fabulous post on two column proofs by Math With Bad Drawings not only sparked a debate among my office mates, but I also passed it along to my Assistant Principal, and it is becoming the cornerstone of our Geometry curriculum revision effort.

I mentor a new teacher in my department whose courseload is all Algebra 1 (which I do not teach), so I have someone to which I can refer all of the great Algebra 1 ideas I read on line, like this great post on combining like terms at Simplify With Me.   When I sent her @jreulbach’s post on 4 4’s, she used it the next day with great success, which sent her fragile first year teacher ego soaring.

I’ve passed along MathMunch (jeez – I’ve got the poster on my office door!), read Dan Meyer’s The Unengageables post out loud to groups of teachers  (no wonder I’m so popular), and run a local professional development session on Desmos.  Looking back through my email, I see that I am frequently sharing the incredible resources that is on my screen, in my phone, at my fingertips, every day.  I’m still the only person I know actively tweeting (my children don’t, my students [most of them] don’t, my colleagues don’t), but I’m getting the word out.   My teaching and my life have been greatly enriched by this MathTwitterBlogoSphere – and I will continue to share the wealth in my local community.



  1. mskhatri

    I started with the MTBoS with the missions and in that short time I have really felt that I have grown as an educator. I also feel more confident taking risks and trying new things even as a first year teacher because you all encourage me!

  2. I Speak Math

    Wow! Look at you go! I’m so glad that you are spreading the word. I am always surprised by the number of young and new teachers who AREN’T using Twitter and reading blogs to help them out. They don’t have to be alone! I would have done anything to have such fabulous resources when I first started teaching. It is hard to believe that so many teachers aren’t even aware! Thanks for sharing my Four Fours and I’m so glad it went well for her! Also, I would love the “Simplify With Me” link as we are doing that this week.

    • Wendy Menard

      Hey Julie – thanks for stopping by! Here is the link for Simplify with Me: http://simplifyingradicals2.blogspot.com/2013/09/pennies-paper-clips-buttons-and.html
      I’m glad you mentioned it because I thought I had linked it in the post, but I have corrected that. As far as the 1st year teacher goes, I think she is just keeping her head above water (she’s in grad school as well) and will get to the blogs when she can. I’m like a broken record, so I’m sure she’ll get to it eventually…. ; )

      • I Speak Math

        Thanks for the link! I’m using that activity when I get back from Thanksgiving. lol! Small #MTBoS world! The new teacher is so lucky to have you to help her out. Many of the teachers that I have talked to aren’t using Twitter and Blogs because they aren’t even aware of it is out there. We’ll all just keep preaching. 🙂

      • mrdardy

        I agree with you here. The resource flow represented by these missions and by blogs, twitter, etc. would almost certainly have been too much to keep up with as a young teacher. I think I needed to have some sense of who I am first to really sift through the ocean of info that is available.

  3. Mary

    I feel like a broken record too! I lead my course team for Algebra 1, and two of the other three teachers subscribe to my distribution list–one of them is always saying, “oh, yeah, that thing you sent out” and the odd one out says, “I really need to subscribe to that list…”

    If I were a first year teacher i would be so grateful for the entries you sent out, even if I didn’t have time to subscribe myself.

    • Wendy Menard

      Mary – I so agree. When I was a first year teacher, I wasn’t even given a textbook to teach from in one of my classes, never mind any curriculum. The first time I stumbled on a blog where a teacher actually shared her work, I felt like I had discovered a gold mine (and I did!). Thanks for reading.

  4. wwndtd

    Yeah, resources, big time. Resources, digital or otherwise, are invaluable in that first survival-mentality-year. And not only the class-based stuff, but also you, as the source behind the resources.

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