The Best Laid Plans


My first week is completely planned – I am nervous and excited to implement the wealth of ideas that has been generated by my participation in #TMC13 and the Exeter Conference. 

I have 3 preps – Algebra 2 Honors, Discrete Math, and 1st of 3 terms Geometry.  The Discrete Math and Geometry classes are both for off-track students, so motivation will be a big issue.  But I have brainstormed long and hard over the last month about how to keep those students engaged.  So wish me luck!

Here’s what’s going to go on Ms. Menard’s classrooms this week:

  • estimating (thank you, Mr. Stadel)
  • examining Mindset
  • feedback desk labels (thank you, ImageImageImage
  • counting circles (thank you, @wahedabug and @pamjwilson)
  • 2 Mathalicious lessons with projects (thanks, @mathalicious, obviously – and everyone in the PBL project!)
  • The Great Marshmallow Challenge
  • formative assessment on polynomial representations (
  • group whiteboarding
  • tweeting for homework (thanks, @heather_kohn)
  • fun, math, and then more math.

I’ve worked hard to transform my own mindset and my teaching – this past summer opened up – literally – a whole new world for me – a generous community of like-minded individuals that I sought locally without huge success.  So wish me luck – documentation to be posted!



  1. jwilson828

    Hi…Will you share which document you used for “formative assessment on polynomial representations (”?
    I looked at the tasks & found Cubic Graph ( and Arithmetic with Polynomial and Rational Expressions ( Is it either of those? Or something else? Oh – I just clicked on the Formative Assessment Lessons & found Representing Polynomials (…so it must be that. I also just found Manipulating Polynomials. Thanks so much for posting this – I had missed those before.

    • Wendy Menard

      Yes – it was the Manipulating Polynomials lesson. I find the activities to be thoroughly and thoughtfully written. I am a little nervous about using this activity with my noobie Algebra 2 students; many of them are not confident with this material. But I am hoping this is a good way to start the year. Thanks for reading!

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