Exeter Bound!

SOOO excited – I am leaving tomorrow morning for the Anja S. Greer Conference on Math, Science & Technology at Phillips Exeter Academy – a full week of learning, talking, living math and math education.  I am so incredibly grateful that I was given a scholarship to attend this event.  I will be taking a class on using iPads in the math classroom and another entitled “Greatest Hits of Higher Mathematics” taught by Diana Davis of Brown University, as well as attending lectures and programs by mathematical notables including Dan Meyer (@ddmeyer).   Even as I am typing this, I can’t believe my good fortune.

I have just finished my 7th year (where has the time flown to??) of teaching – and even though I spent #$!*# years doing other things before this, I cannot remember ever feeling as comfortable and identified with what I do now.   For the past 7 summers, I have avoided making plans, attending conferences, taking classes – I needed to recede, restore and regroup in order to face another school year.  And I have had some really difficult summers, dealing with personal and health issues.  But this summer I feel energized by the coming events – this conference, a week on the Appalachian Trail quilting, and Math Twitter Camp (@TmathC) – to be topped off by my beloved 2 weeks in Vermont on Lake Dunmore in August.I am looking forward to posting more about the goings-on this coming week.  I’ll see you in prep school!


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